Sunday 120129

Rest day…unless you're coming to the oly seminar, in which case you'll be PRing one or both of your oly lifts today!

Congratulations to Jeff (14th), Garcia (2nd), Kendra (4th), Dev (6th) and Tracee (8th) at the Winter WODfest. Way to represent Evolvers!

Photo Jan 04, 11 03 07 AM
Indoor shuttle sprints!

If you're attending today's oly seminar, please show up at 9am to get registered. There will be time to grab lunch, but consider bringing your own so you can stick around for the oly demo by our instructor. Please bring a chair to sit on as well!

6 thoughts on “Sunday 120129”

  1. Forrest. This is chivas fuitmojo. Ive only met you once at a free saturday CFSB hermosa WOD. remember me? Im the asian guy with the blonde white girl friend? During the summer when it was hotter than hell and only she and i worked out? Anywho, just wanted to see when the next saturday beach WOD was gonna be. end of the month??? Im always following your progamming and reading your long yet informative and entertaining blogs and i wish i had the money to join CFSB. Sounds like you guys are doing rad things at CFSB. Keep on keepin on.Thanks,chivas

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