Monday 120102


Front Squat

Work up to a 1 RM


Row 4 x 500m

Today you'll be rowing four 500s. These are meant to be all out, max efforts. Don't pace these, get after 'em! Rest between efforts will be up to you, you just have to get all 4 of them done before the hour is up!

The December PR board. There's a lot of significance behind those numbers. Look for a post later this week detailing what happened over the 8 week focus on getting you stronger!

There are a couple of important dates in January you may want to write down:

Olympic lifting sessions:

Monday January 2nd

Monday January 9th

Monday January 16th

Tuesday January 24th

Tuesday January 31st

Interested in dialing in your oly lifting? Then these sessions are for you. We alternate between snatch and clean and jerk each week. Although we do build off of previous weeks, you're welcome to join in any time. If you have any questions, talk to a coach or even better, ask around and talk to some of the folks who have been going to these. They're a lot of fun! Sign up in MBO for these (for those who haven't seen them on the WOD schedule, make sure the drop-down on the upper right of your MBO page says "All Class Types" rather than "WOD")

Dr. Nader's January PT schedule

Monday January 16th – All WOD times

Wednesday January 25th – All WOD times

How many gyms have a PT available to their members as part of their memberships? Not too many. CrossFit is hard, you give your all, and it can hurt. Sometimes we have things that feel a little bit more than typical soreness. Best to get it checked out to figure out how to remedy it. Nader is great at this, ask some of the folks who he's helped! So if you have something going on, visit with Nader and get it checked out!

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  1. Just wanted to thank eoeryvne that attended the O-Lift class this morning for all the encouragement. Erin, Damon, Steve and Mike, thank you especially for the tips! I will get it one of these days!!! Looking at the nice bruise on my collar bone, it just wasn’t my day! Have a great long weekend eoeryvne!

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