Friday 120127


Bench Press

8 x 3 @ 65% + bands


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

10 Deadlifts, 155#/115#

15 Kettlebells swings, 55#/25#

20 Abmat sit-ups

Photo Jan 04, 10 18 50 AM
Jessica getting a little t-spine mobility in!

Each month my daughter's elementary school emails out an electronic newsletter with what's been going on at the school. This month, along with the regular content, was a entire page containing this:

I was kind of surprised to see this…..but not really. It was 2 pages after the free McDonald's Happy Meal coupon. I've written before about my experience having lunch at the school and seeing what types of food is sold in the cafeteria, we've linked op-eds from other folks more knowledgeable than I about the state of affairs in our school cafeterias, and most recently had a little write-up about how pizza counts as a vegetable.

So when I saw this I imediately wanted to post about it. Unfortunately I couldn't grab this ad from the newsletter because it's a PDF. However, I had an idea of where to look to find the source. I headed on over to Why Milk and found the ad. A little googling tells the story that this campaign started a couple of years ago as schools, including the Boulder Valley School District here in Colorado, started removing sugary food and drinks from schools. The milk folks started this campaign in an attempt to keep the chocolate stuff available.

Now to be clear, I don't have a huge problem with chocolate milk. How many of us used the stuff as our post-workout nutrition? I know of one of our coaches who can put the stuff down by the quart! And our kids get it on occasion, just like any other treat. I do, however, have a problem with a public school providing biased advertising. A concern is that if you're 6 years old, given the choice, what are you going to pick every time - white milk or chocolate milk? Can you blame them?

In this ad talking about how awesome chocolate milk is for you, the chocolate milk is being compared to soda. Duh. What if it was compared to water? The study that states that if chocolate milk is removed from schools then kids will stop drinking regular milk was done by Prime Consulting Group, who has done work for companies providing quality food products including Frito, Hostess, Pepsi, Coca-cola, and Sarah Lee. Strangely enough, Boulder didn't see a drop off in consumption when they offered only white milk. Weird.

In the end, we all know how tough it can be to teach your kids to make good choices, and most of us understand that when they're offered the choices they are in school – fries vs. salad bar, grilled chicken vs. corn dog, chocolate milk vs. regular – it's pretty obvious how it's going to go. It is what it is, and it's something parents will continue to struggle to change. But to put a friggin' advertisement touting the "healthiness" of chocolate milk in a school newsletter? I do have a problem with that, as well as our schools providing advertising under the guise of good nutrition.

A few pages after the milk ad, there was a recipe for a broccoli caulifower bake. I was glad to see that. Now if I could get them to leave out the cream of Mushroom soup, cheese, margarine, and breadcrumbs, we'd be getting somewhere!



4 thoughts on “Friday 120127”

  1. this is HARD. once you’re a third of the way through, you’ll sense how fuagited you’ll feel at the end of the workout. i was a high school football player and track and field runner, but i can easily say these are some of the most grueling workouts i have ever done.the results, however, totally make up for it. i’ve done these for 2 weeks, 4 days a week, and i already see great results.

  2. why poplee want to be big? if youre big and cant use ure body than whats the point of being big i mean poplee need to build it up if ure stamina is great u can do more and longer work out and ul be both good stamina and strong body and 1hour is more than enough man

  3. I hav a question;I went vegan and lost 60lbs and my body plaaetu’ed after that, I haven’t gain any weight back but I haven’t loss any more weight either I lost the 60lbs after 1yr of being vegan and I’ve been vegan for 1 1/2yrs so the past 6mos. I havent lost anything(do u know why?)

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