Wednesday 111221


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

Row 250m

25 push-ups

Chris getting some sled work in!

On February 22nd the 2012 CrossFit Games will begin. That's not far off! As things get closer we'll learn more about the format. It looks to be similar to last year, with 5 weeks of Open competition followed by Regionals, then the Games in California.

Last year we had Ryan and Gino compete as individuals at the Regionals and the Evolve Team qualified and competed in Denver as well. There are some rumblings out there about how teams will qualify this year that we want to make you aware of. Last year, at the end of each week the top 3 male and female finisher's scores from each gym counted toward their team score. So for Evolve, Ryan and Gino's scores as individuals counted for the Evolve Team and did a lot to qualify us for Regionals (thanks guys!!!). When Regionals came, they both competed as individuals and other Evolve athletes were part of the team. That was the way that CF HQ wanted it, so that's how it worked.

It seems like this year, athletes may need to decide before the Open starts whether they want to compete as individuals or as part of a team. That way, those who qualify the team actually participate on theteam if they go to Regionals. Now, we want to be clear that this isn't for sure, but based on what we've read and heard, this could be happening.

So for now, what we're asking is for you to think about this and be ready to make a decision when the time comes. If it comes down to having to decide who's on the team because many are interested, it will be done strictly based on individual athlete's Open results, just as we did last year. If that is not feasible due to how the Open is run this year, we'll come up with an objective way to make that determination. So in the meantime, hit your WODs hard, take the skill sessions seriously, and dial in your nutrition because the Open will be here before you know it! As always, hit us up with any questions!

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