Thursday 121115





Complete for time:

30 snatch, 135#/95#

Today this will be the "ground to overhead" or power snatch version, not the squat snatch version. We know you are sad about this!

Compare to 10/25/10, 12/28/10, and 3/11/11

Murph, Dusty, Dan, Garry and Todd celebrating at the holiday party! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a blast!

We have some exciting news! We're going to be adding an Olympic Lifting session once a week from 7 – 8pm. We've talked about this for a long time and we're really excited that we have the opportunity to do this now. The oly lifts are second to none in developing explosive speed and power. They're also really fun! As you know by now, the snatch and clean and jerk are very technical movements and when they're not trained consistently it can be easy to get rusty. The oly lift sessions will provide the opportunity to practice skills and drills, to dial in form, and to get a little more consistency with these lifts.

These sessions aren't meant to replace your WOD, they're there to supplement it. Each session will have a specific amount of skill work, related movements, power assistance exercises, and of course, many reps of the oly lifts.

The days of the week will vary based on my work schedule. So for December the oly sessions will be 7-8PM on the 21st and 28th.  We ask that you sign up for these in MBO just as you would for a WOD. We're really excited to get this going and hope you take advantage of it. Please let us know if you have any questions!!

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