Thursday 111208


Burgener WU and Squat cleans


Complete 5 rounds for time of:

7 squat cleans, 155#/110#

14 hand release push-ups

Cody getting work done!

The CrossFit community is full of great people who do great things. I'm not sure if it's the community that causes this to happen, or if it's just the type of folks who are drawn to this sort of thing. It doesn't really matter. My sister's works out at CrossFit Parsippany in New Jersey. We had the opportunity to hit some WODs there when we were back east, and like other boxes, the place was filled with great people.

One of their athletes is Marine Corporal Brian T. Gallagher. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet Brian while I was there, but I've since heard about his project, The Hundred Mile Marine. On Memorial Day 2012 Brian will run around Ground Zero for a total of 100 miles in an effort to raise money for the 9/11 Memorial Foundation, The Disposable Heroes Project, and the Sergeant Dakota Meyer Scholarship. Very cool. It's amazing that our community, no matter where you are from, is filled with people who believe so strongly in a cause that they're willing to push themselves to the limit to raise awareness and make a difference. Good luck Brian!


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  1. I think Evolve should put together something that we can support him with… like a donation fund and raise money for his run. Just an idea.

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