Saturday 111231

Complete as many rounds as possible in 22 minutes of:
10 Overhead Barbell Lunges, 75#/55#
10 Box Barbell Box Step Ups,  75#/55# 24"/18"
10 Bar Over Burpees
10 Barbell Turkish Get-Ups
Different format for this Sat. It will look a lot like a weekday WOD. Depending on the number of people who show, we may split into 2 heats and pair you up. One will WOD it up and the other will coach and keep track of rounds and then we will do the ol' switch-er-roo! We will also do a quick review of the Turkish get-up, and don't worry, if you feel like you can do a heavier weight on all the movements but not sure about the barbell Turkish get-ups, you can always use a kettlebell at a weight of your choice. The Sotts press will be skill based. We just want you getting some light reps for mobility, this will not be heavy. Why a 22 minunte AMRAP? Because it is 2 minutes longer than a 20 min AMRAP.

Yes we are still posting Christmas pictures.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 111231”

  1. WOD Score / 75om RunScott 72 Rx 2:58Harley 35 Rx 3:08Greg 41 (red) 3:11Julie 60 (green) 3:28Jannita 60 (black) 3:52Becky 68 rom 3:55Martha 66 (45/purple) 3:05Bea 60 (55/black) 4:44Nick 39 romCarrie 80 Rx 3:14Bob 48 (65/green) 3:54Leslie 48 (35/black) 4:29Jeff Y 43 rom 4:09Chris C 80 Rx ; 213 Rx on yesterday’s WOD. Nice work on a dolbue-day.Kevin 57 (75/rom)Marisa 57 (45/green)

  2. This was a good one. . .I only used 55lbs for the cleans due to my left soedluhr feeling a little soreness/pain today was using 65 for skill work and went down for the WOD. I did do the DUs which slowed me down a bit hoping I start to do DUs one after the other, soon! I completed 9 rounds, 3HPCs, 2FS, and 2DUs. May have been 10 rounds . . .but I might have counted one round twice??? So 9 or 10 . . .therefore went w/9. Then worked on pull-up progressions.

  3. I prefer Vita Coco. It’s low in sugar and soduim. You can find it at most grocery stores, but I am going to check out Sams Club to see if I can find it in bulk. It can be a bit pricey. I’m up in northern Va today and stopped at a Wegmans and picked up a 12 pack for $17.

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