Wednesday 111116



8 x 2 @ 65% 1RM + bands


3 x 50' Stone carry, :30 rest between sets

3 x 50' Between-the-legs sled pull, 90#/70#

3 x 5-10 GHD sit-ups (reps depend on experience on the GHD!)

Kristi, one of Evolve's newest and happy to be here! Welcome Kristi!

For those of you who competed or went down to watch the FRCF Masters competition, you probably saw Molly Metz there giving tips on double-unders and selling some sweet jump ropes:

Molly Metz is a 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, competitive jump rope coach, and founder of jumpNrope is bringing competitive jump rope techniques and training to CrossFit affiliates, gyms and training facilities worldwide. Molly, the current national speed and power record holder in her division, has a patented jump rope technology designed for, and used by, all the fastest and most powerful competitive jumpers of the world.

We heard nothing but good things about Molly from some of you and other friends who were down there and got pointers from her. It got us thinking about how double-unders can be such a challenge for folks and how we all could use some expert coaching to help us get better. We reached out to Molly and asked her what it would take to have her come to Evolve and put on a seminar. We've been told that we need a minimum of 30 folks to sign up and it would cost $35/person. Here's what it would include:

Hands on training and education on form, technique and how to utilize the evolution of jump rope training ropes. Molly will lead you through trainings on how the competitive world of jump rope trains and how you should be training in the same way!

35 – 40 minutes of jump rope training (everyone will be lead and participate in this workout)

Beaded rope warm ups: Footwork and Form Development

Trainer jump rope: Speed and Rhythm and the importance of developing the quick twitch motor skills through speed training and showing improvement in cadence, cardio, and stamina. Special contests.

Drills, techniques and workouts to create an efficient jumper.

35 – 40 minutes on the power moves. (double and triple unders)

Instruction on double unders, and triple unders. Form, bounding and finding the “right” rope for a successful round of power.

Drills and techniques on how to successfully:

    Novice: Accomplish a efficient double under

    Intermediates: String double unders together

    Advanced: Become an proficient double under jumper

    Over the top: Introduction of the triple under, and more.

What we need to do is figure out if at least 30 of you guys would be interested in this! We'll keep it to just Evolve athletes for now, and if we get close but not to the 30 we'll open it to some other friends. So, if you're interested in attending this workshop, please post in comments or email so we can get an idea. This doesn't commit you, it just let's us know if it's feasible for us to host this. Let us know!

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  1. Molly is amazing!! I was able to work with her for a bit and learned a lot. She makes the fastest rope ever. No joke. Let me know if you guys open this up to other people besides Evolve…I know some Verve ladies that would be interested:)
    See you all this weekend at the Turkey Challenge!

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