Wednesday 111109


Bench Press

10×3 @ 60% 1RM


Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:

3 muscle-ups

10 kettlebell snatch, 55#/35#

For the WOD today, if you don't have muscle-ups we'll perform pull-ups and dips rather than the progression. Reason being, this movement supplements the strength work we're doing. Today we want you to work on the strength limitations of the muscle-up rather than the skill.

Ross going overhead during the Master's with Kristine documenting it on film!

It seems that some of our jump ropes have walked away! That coupled with a couple of the older ones breaking and we're short on supply. Soooo, if you borrowed a jump rope from the box please bring it back as soon as possible.

This is a good segway into the importance of having our very own jump rope!! First, we all know how difficult those double-unders can be. High skill movements like those require consistent practice. What better way to become proficient than to practive on your own? Another plus about having your own rope is that you can size it to your body. We know it can be a pain to adjust the ropes in the gym with those tiny screws and a screwdriver that's tied to the wall. Much easier to have one that fits you each and every time. It's also nice to have a rope that you are comfortable with. Some of us like a little bit of weight so we can feel the rope as it passes, others like it super thin so you can go really fast.

Below are some jumpropes that we've had direct experience with. If you're intersted in trying one of these ropes, ask around!

RX Jump Ropes - these are really nice ropes. You order a custom size to you (they give you several ways to find the perfect fit on the website), you can pick your color, and they have several different thicknesses of cable with a decription of what size is right for what skill level. I just got one of them and I swear it's like magic!

Buddy Lee Jump Ropes - these are also pretty nice ropes. There are some mixed reviews out there – folks either really like them or they don't care for them at all. There are several versions owned by Evolve folks, ask around and try them out.

Rage Fitness R1 Speed Rope - these are similar to the thin ropes we have in the box. Several folks at the Master's brought one of these home. They're really fast, and on the lighter side. If you like that style rope, talk to Garcia.

Again Faster Ropes - these guys offer a variety of ropes with a description of uses for each. You should be able to find one that works for you here!

Hopefully these links are useful to you. Again, if you have questions, get with a coach and they'll be happy to point you in the right direction. Having your own rope will give you the opportunity to work on those double-unders more regularly and that might help you get rid of one more goat!!!

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