Thursday 111201


Complete for time:

50 sit-ups

400m run (if snow, the equivalent will be 24 50-foot shuttle runs, north wall to south wall)

Then complete 5 rounds of:

10 plate thrusters, 45#/25#

10 ovehead walking lungles, 45#/25#

Finish with:

50 sit-ups

Run 400m

So today's WOD is a pain sandwhich. The bread is the 50 sit-ups and 400m/shuttle run. The meat is the plate movements. Yummy! Range of motion for the plate thruster is chest to fully extended overhead.

Craig with big ups.

This is the time of year when folks can start to feel a little overwhelmed. The holidays are upon us, the end of the year at work is usually pretty busy, there's shopping to do and travel arangements to make. Add to it that it gets dark at like 4 in the afternoon and we can start to feel a little down. Sometimes it's helpful to have a reminder that things aren't really that bad. It can also be helpful to find inspiration in other people's actions. See below. It is well worth the time to watch….



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