Monday 111128



12 x 3 @ 55% 1RM


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 Kettlelbell swings, 70#/55#

15 wall balls, 20#/14#

10 Box jumps, 24"/18"

Molly getting strong!

I have some really good news! Pizza is a vegetable! True story. You see, early this month Congress went against the USDA recommendations to change school lunch requirements that included crazy things like limiting the use of potatoes (french fries), placing restrictions on sodium, and increased the use of whole grains (remember the USDA has given us the My Plate and grains are on there). The pizza thing is my favorite though. The USDA wanted to up the amount of tomato paste that equals a serving of vegetables to 1/2 a cup, which would prevent pizza from counting as a vegetable. No go. It stays as it is now – 2 tablespoons is a serving. So pizza = broccoli. I will now go and update my block chart.

Now as most things in the world go, it is complicated. School budgets are tight which would make it tough to implement the proposed changes, some Congress members are looking out for their potato farmer constituents, the food and beverage lobbyists are involved (see The American Frozen Food Institute), and many feel that it's not the governments place to tell kids what to eat. Regardless of your political views, most find common ground in the fact that this is just part of a larger problem.

An often cited study from March 2005 in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that the life expectancy for the average American could decline by 5 years strictly based on obesity. There is mounting evidence that the kids being born right now will have a shorter lifespan than their parents for the first time in history, again related to obesity. Preventable.

So what's that mean for us? It means we're doing a lot for our Evolve kids. Here's why: you drag your kids in every day and they see you do your thing. Most of you have witnessed 2 year olds deadlifting PVC with perfect form, some of the older kids coming up with their own WODs, and some amazing rope climbs by the little ones. This is all normal to them because they see you do it, and chances are they'll do it too. And have any of your kids called you out when you were in the midst of a nutrition challenge? You're helping the kids, whether they're yours or not because they watch all of you, more than you might think!

On occasion we parents can sometimes feel like there are more important things that need to be done than for us to get our hour WOD in, especially during the holidays. Just keep in mind that what you do isn't only good for you, it's good for your family too! See you this week!

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  1. thanks Jon…. reading information like this a few years ago wouldn’t make much sense to me but it makes all the difference in the world to me now. Thanks Dr. Cordain for exposing nutrition to us!!!

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