Friday 111125


10 Weighted Kneeling Jump, 45#/25#

Use a pvc pipe or no load as needed.


Box squats

12 x 2 @ 55% 1 RM


Complete for reps:

4:00 of squats

3:00 of hand-release push-ups

2:00 of plate-to-overhead, 45#/25#

1:00 of burpees

Reps will be cumulative – score is total reps completed of all movements!


Anja…long time CrossFitter…new Evolve athlete…welcome Anja!

We often talk about how having an event on your calendar dials in your training. It's one thing to train because it's good for you and makes you happy, but having a specific event to train for can really inspire someone to step it up. Workouts can become more focussed, there's a greater priority placed on mobility and recovery, and the nutrition gets dialed in. Whether it's a 5k, and climbing trip, or even the Turkey Challenge! Which gets me to the next point….

This year's Turkey Challenge WOD 2 had some goats in it! WOD 2 was the 3:00 turkish get-up, the 2:00 max handstand walk, and the 1:00 max double-unders. They were gracious enough to announce it a week before-hand, so we had time to practice. And practice we did – folks were walking on their hands every chance they had. But something else happened. We started to notice folks who weren't competing working on handstand walks. Lot's of people were trying it. And we saw people working on their turkish get-ups. You guys were coming in early or staying late and playing with these movements, and it made your coaches happy!

The next time one of these local events pops up, consider signing up. It's a great experience, it will help focus your training, and what could be more fun than throwing down with a bunch of people just like you?

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