Friday 111118


Bench Press

8 x 3 @ 65% 1RM


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

5 Strict chest-to-bar pull-ups

Bear crawl

10 Wall ball sit-ups, 20#/14#

Bear crawl

As stated chest-to-bars are strict – no kip! Bear crawl is from the pull-up rig across the gym and then back to the pull-up bars where you'll do the wall ball sit-ups. After the wall ball sit-ups, crawl back across the floor to the the far wall, then back again to the pull-ups. Rinse and repeat!

**If you checked the site earlier tonight you may have noticed the bear crawls changed. Apparently the last time we did wall ball sit-ups on the star wall we knocked stuff off the neighbors walls. Who would have thunk! So we'll do these on the exterior walls instead. Don't knock the building down.**

Andrew overhead and active!

As a reminder there won't be a Saturday WOD due to the Turkey Challenge at MBS CrossFit! There will be 4 individual WODs and 2 team WODs throughout the day. Here's their tentative schedule:

7:00 – 8:00 AM – Athlete late registration
8:15 AM – Opening ceremonies
8:30 – 9:40 AM – Women's WOD 1 and Men's WOD 2
9:40 – 11:40 AM – Men's WOD 1 and Women's WOD 2

12:05 – 1:40 PM – Team WOD 1
1:40 – 2:00 PM – Flash Mob Workout and $250 giveaway
2:10 – 1:40 PM – Individual Scaled (men and women) WOD 4
2:00 – 4:30 PM – Individual Rx'd (men and women) WOD 4
5:00 – 6:30 PM – Team WOD 2-4
7:00 PM – Awards

The heat times can be found here.

MBS CrossFit
10900 W. 120th Ave.
Broomfield, CO 80026

Phone: (720) 434-6282

If you have some free time, consider driving down and checking out a great event. Good luck to all our Evolve athletes and friends competing!

phone: (720) 434-6282

10900 W. 120th Ave.
Broomfield, CO 80026

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