Wednesday 111005


Double unders


Complete 4 rounds for time of:

Row 400m

Rest 3 minutes

Garry setin' up!

So you've watched the videos and you've thought about this nutrition thing. You're going to go for it right? But you probably have questions. More than likely, you have lots of questions. What do you do? When in doubt grab a box of cookies? Of course not! Some of the best resources are going to be the coaches and the other athletes. We love to talk about this stuff, and we've been right where you are. Some of the athletes who have been around a little while have been there too, and they're happy to share what they've learned.

But sometimes the questions will come at times where you don't have the chance to talk to someone else right away. Maybe a questions will pop into your head when you're at work (when you're supposed to be working). Maybe it will happen at 2 in the morning when the little one is awake. There's a lot of resources out there to help. Here are just a few. We have several more listed under our Nutrition page to the left so check it out. Please post to comments if you have ones that we've missed!


Enter the Zone – Barry Sears 

The Primal Blueprint – Mark Sisson

The Paleo Solution – Robb Wolf

Everyday Paleo Cookbook – Sarah Fragoso

We're not saying you have to go out an buy any of these books. Ask around, there are many folks in the box who have some or all of them!


PaleOMG - recipes and hilariosness (that is a word)

Whole9 - a wealth of great information

Everyday Paleo - recipes and great write-ups

Robb Wolf - learn!

Mark's Daily Apple - a great resource with some common sense approaches

There are lots of nutrition blogs out there. Google "CrossFit" and "nutrition" and you could spend days looking at sites. This goes without saying but not everything on the internet is true. Hell, not everything on this website is true – we do make mistakes and get things wrong. So be critical. Ask tough questions. If something doesn't make sense to you or doesn't seem right, research it, ask someone to explain it, and learn. Knowledge is power. If you strive to not only do it but to understand it, you're going to be way better off!

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