Saturday 111015

No official WOD today. For those intersted in getting a 5k in today, meet at the box at 9am! Coordinate on FB or under comments.

Todd getting his muscle-up work in!

A weekend of competition! Good luck to the Evolve athletes throwing down. Represent!

FRCF Masters: Wendy T., David T., Carl, Ross, and Kristine!

LoDo Open – see WODs here: Sax, Travis, Jeff, Dusty, Tyson, Kendra, Jenna, Monica, and Taylor!

5 thoughts on “Saturday 111015”

  1. For you competitors- I am in Europe w/o caerma or qualifying box so I will only do the weekly qualifiers for fun. Just tried the first one in a Parisian globo gym so had some restrictions but what I learned: Double unders are a skill I have not yet perfected in multiples so I did them one at a time as quickly as I could. Found that it took about 90 seconds if I did not miss (3 seconds lost per miss so I took my time to make sure I hit each one.) found that I could break up the snatches into 20 second periods per 5 with about 8 sec rest per 5. Bottomline for me would me at best with adrenalin etc. 4 rounds. I got a little over 3 with lots of gawking and a few upset benchers who wanted the only 20 kg bar that I used for about 15 min. good luck

  2. I taped my WOD #1. 4 complete roduns, 30 2xU’s, 5 PS = 215. Can’t get through to register for the Games however. Tried many times, no joy. Hopefully, I will be able to post my WOD times late’ whenever they do allow me to register. I competed last year and would be unhappy if I were not able to do so this year. Any help that anyone might be able to offer would be appreciated. PS I am in the 55+ category.Baltoe

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