Friday 111028



12 x 2 w/ bands @ 55% 1RM


Complete for time:

Run 200m backwards

30 toes-to-bar

30 v-ups

5 rope assents

Run  200m backwards

Lisa getting ready to fly during the stick jumps!!!

Today is our first  dynamic day. I was able to talk to a few classes about what to expect on these days but it is very important that everyone is on the same page. When we max out, we are testing our strength, not gaining. On the dynamic day we are building strength. Like we stated in an earlier post we will be working on these days at percentages ranging from 55 to 65%. Back squat and deadlift will be performed in sets of 2 and bench will be in sets of 3 (this is due to the shorter range of motion). These reps should take no longer than 2.8 sec. Where did this number come from, you ask? Louie has determined that the average max lift takes approximately 2.8 sec to perform. During these max efforts we are able to produce 100% effort. At a sub max weight we should be able to produce 110% since we don't have the resistance of a high weight. This means that we must move these 2 (squat/DL) or 3 (bench) reps fast. These are the days that we get strong, so bring that Evolve heart and move that weight. 
On these days we can also be using bands or chains. The Coaches will show you how to set them up and to keep the bands safe from pinch points to extend their lift.
I have heard great things from all the coaches about your efforts during the strength days, so far, keep it up, it will pay off!

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  1. Ryan, I had my singlet all picekd out too!425# my 1st crossfit total160, 70, 195. My previous DL was 160, so I’ll take that 35# PR. My summer goal is a 200# deadlift, but who knew those last 5 could feel so heavy?!Nice work at 6 am from Jon, Sean, Amy and Tracy!

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