Friday 111021


Powerlift Total

Back Squat, 1 rep

Bench Press, 1 rep

Deadlfit, 1 rep

Just like the CrossFit Total, today we'll work up to a 1RM of the lifts above. These numbers will be an important component to the next 8 weeks of programming that begins on Monday so get in today! Besides, it's fun to go big on Fridays!!!

Kelly showing a strong overhead position during the KB snatch!

Last reminder that tomorrow is Amazing Grace! We're super excited to be able to particpate in this great event again this year. As of Thursday Evolve has raised $670 – very nice! As an added bonus, Fort Collins based OtterBox has donated 15 Pink is Strength Cases for the iPhone 4 to us. Thanks to our own Adam as well as Kristi at OtterBox for hooking us up. So, if you registered for the event at and have an iPhone, you get a case as an added thank you! In the event we have more registered athletes than cases, we'll figure out a good way to distribute the cases (think fastest times, most pink worn, etc.)

We'll get warm and start running heats a little after 9am. Wear something pink and be ready to PR Grace!!!

Thanks again OtterBox!

OtterBox Badge

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