Tuesday 110920


Handstand push-ups


Death by Wall Ball

Do 1 wall-ball the first minute, 2 wall-balls the second, 3 the third, etc. until you are no longer able to finish the number of reps within that minute. Guys use 20#, ladies the 14#.

Trevor working on the power snatch!

We've had a lot of new faces in the gym lately! It's been great getting to meet these new athletes, and they've come in and become part of Evolve like they've been here the whole time. I always wonder how it is – that when new folks come in they fit so well with the other athletes, with the coaches, with the vibe. Here's a post from CrossFit Lisbeth kind of hits on it:

You ever feel like this about CrossFit? Like it fills some place inside you that you can’t even describe, let alone name. Like you’ve come home, after so many years of searching.

No other gym workout ever came close to filling that space or ending that search. And now no gym could ever come close to the experiences at your CrossFit affiliate. Sweat, work, fun, and a whole bunch of very different and yet very like-minded souls. Work, laugh, maybe swear, some folks even cry — but definitely love somehow. (Even if you hate the workout while you’re doing it.) Rinse and repeat.

It sounds so simple that you wonder: How come no one ever figured this out before? We all wonder that. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. CrossFit is here. You found it. Other folks are about to find it. Welcome them. Say hi. Remember you were them once. They’re searching too. Open the door and invite them in . . .

5 thoughts on “Tuesday 110920”

  1. As one of those newbies to Evolve, I can admit, you guys have been more than welcoming. Thank you for making it an easy change for me and my family. You guys rock and I can’t wait to get stronger, faster and better at life by way of Evolve. Cheers!

  2. I have been at Evolve over a year and tonight during the “fun” Garcia WOD I met two new people. Very cool to see how big the Evolve family has gotten. Way to go Gene and Jon for starting this bunch!!!

  3. Great post Jon, This is right in line with the conversations Wendy and I were having with the folks at CF Lodo in Denver. We talked Paleo, different workouts,coaching techniques and the happiness we have found through CrossFit. It’s nice to talk to folks who speak the same language. When I talk to folks outside of CrossFit they look at me like I’m crazy. They don’t realize that this is who we are meant to be…. connected with our selves and the human experiance. Thanks, David T.

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