Tuesday 110913

Mobility: wrists and shoulders


Complete for time:

12 clean complexes, 165#/110#

A single clean complex consists of 1 hang power clean, 1 power clean, and 1 squat clean.

You can call me "Coach"!

We're happy to let you all know that you'll be seeing Jenna in a different role at the box – that is other than crushing WODs! Jenna has to do an internship for her degree at CSU and she approached us to see if we could work something out. Of course we were thrilled at the opportunity! Jenna has been with us since the early days, and as you guys know she's an amazing athlete and an even better person!She received her CF Level 1, and with her educational background and CF experience, she's going to help us all get better. At first you'll see her working with the coaches during the WODs. She's going to jump in just as any of the other coaches do so be ready for her input, cues, and encouragement! From there she'll be runnning WODs throughout the week. Be sure to give her your all!

Welcome Jenna, Evolve is now better than yesterday!


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