Thursday 110928





Row 1000m

50 Thrusters, 45#/30#

30 Pull-ups

Compare to 5/20/11

Brett, one of Evolve's newest! Welcome Brett!

We spent some time working on our snatch skills this week. Not long ago David T. shared this video that he found on the Beachside CrossFit site, a box he visited when in California. Here's what they posted with the video:

How is your form? With weightlifting (for the most part) watch the best and ask yourself, are you trying to move as they do,watch the set up position, watch the feet, watch how quickly they transition under the bar, watch the bar path, watch from a womans point of view…………


2 thoughts on “Thursday 110928”

  1. Awesome video! It really helps me by seeing how their feet slide out, instead of slap down on the ground. Nice lift from the ground to mid leg and then explode from there. Looking forward to this workout again!

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