Friday 110909


Anchored sit-ups


Complete for time:

Run 400m

Broad jump 100m

Run 400m backwards

Broad jump 100m

40 squats

30 pull-ups

20 push-ups

Who loves back squats?

September 17th. Are you in the fight?


2 thoughts on “Friday 110909”

  1. That video is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    So sad I won’t be able to do FGB 6 with you guys on the 17th…. duty calls other places and I have training with the fire department that day.
    Go get em.

  2. 12:33 Rx
    Notes: Games-style push-ups aka “Animal Style” in California (it’s a nod to In N Out burger…which I miss so SO SO much). Felt alright for this WOD, running backwards still sucks, broad jumps still suck.
    Great work by everyone at 430! Enjoy the weekend

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