Wednesday 110803


Waiter walk


100 meter waiter walk, right hand, 55#/35#

60 rolling pistols (alternating legs)

100 meter waiter walk, left hand, 55#/35#

Here is a great demo of a pistol roll from Carl Paoli, coach at San Francisco CrossFit. Be sure to read his bulleted points between the videos!

Pistol with Roll | Gymnastics WOD.

The Evolve crew after the Saturday swim WOD. They look like they had fun!

We recieved a lot of positive feedback on the pool WOD a few Saturdays ago. I heard that Matty V said something along the lines of "I wish every Saturday WOD was a pool WOD!" Well it's hard to do it every Saturday, but we're doing it again THIS Saturday! That's right, back by popular demand, Saturday's WOD will be held at the Paragon Point Pool at 9am. The only thing that will be the same is that you'll be swimming. The rest of the WOD will be completely different and we think you're going to like it. Here's your chance to try it out if you missed the last one, or to get another one in before the pools close for the year! Sign up in MindBody and get out that bathing suit!


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  1. I’m so bummed… favorite thing ever (swimming) and I have to miss it…I have a work training ALL day Saturday. Enjoy without me. 🙁

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