Tuesday 110830


Zercher Squat

3 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1


Complete for time:

150 wall ball sit-ups

Sax shows his love of the stone!

What are wall ball sit-ups you might be asking yourself. Check it….

The range of motion is to first sit on the ground with your legs extended and bottom of feet on the wall - this will measure the distance at which you place your ab mat. The med ball is 20 pounds for guys, 14 for girls. Do a sit up with the med ball on your chest (don't go over head with the med ball to prevent arching your back up) and throw the ball at an upward angle against the wall…obviously throwing the ball straight forward might not be the smartest options since it won't bounce back! Drew does a good job demonstrating:




1 thought on “Tuesday 110830”

  1. Strength: 215# 1st type with that movement
    WOD: 8:xx? I forgot to look at the board before I left.
    Notes: WOD number 2 was a bit better than yesterdays! Really happy about that. Great job 10pmers and as always nice to get to know everyone! See you all tomorrow evening!

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