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Shawn, one of Evolve's newest! Welcome Shawn!

For those of you not heading up to the mountains for the Warrior Dash on Saturday, August 20th, there's another Warrior option for you! The Warrior Classic will be going on in Loveland at the Embassy Suites. The Classic is a bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and bikini contest. Why would you be interested in this? Well, this year they'll be having The Warrior CrossFit Challenge as well. Here's the official scoop if you're interested:

There will be a (minimum) FIRST PLACE PRIZE of $200 for Men and Women. Yes, that’s $200 for the male winner and $200 for the female champion! Awards and trophies will also be presented to the top 3 male and female athletes.

This event is limited to 32 men and 32 women. CrossFitters only. Entry cost is $30. We will have a sign-up form shortly on our website ( along with a payment option. You will also be able to pay on the day of the event but you MUST RESERVE A SPOT FIRST. To reserve a spot now, please email with your:

Email Address
Phone Number
Gym Affiliation
Emergency Contact & Phone Number

Details for the event….
This is a one day event which will have two separately scored WODs. We will release the WOD’s on our website on Monday August 15th at 5:00pm along with weights and movement standards.

Athlete check-in 8:00-9:30am (please do not show up at 9:30am!)
9:45am Mandatory meeting and movement standards for WOD #1
10:00am Start of WOD#1, Heat #1

1:00pm Mandatory meeting and movement standards for WOD #2
1:15pm Start of WOD#2, Heat #1
5:30pm Awards ceremony on the Grand Stage at Embassy Suites with all other competitors from the Warrior Classic event.

There will be no rig set-up at this event. Thus, there will be no pull-ups, muscle-ups, rope climbs, ring dips, toes to bar, or knees to elbows. Handstand push-ups and pistol squats will also not be programmed in the WODs. Awkward objects….yes. Double unders….yes. Olympic lifting and barbells….you better believe it. If you are a well-rounded CrossFitter, you will be prepared for this event.

We are also in need of judges and volunteers! If you know of anyone interested please have them contact us:

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