Monday 110829




Complete 7 rounds for time of:

7 Power snatch, 95#/65#

7 Snatch balance, 95#/65#

7 Overhead squats, 95#/65#

In the coach's WOD series, today is brought to you by Drew:

Drew Coach Wod 

Gino getting work done during the squat/pull-up/sprint WOD at the Open!

Great job by the Evolve crew who competed at the Open: Garcia (18th), Gino (23rd), Sax (71st), Kelley D (20th), Jenna (24th) and Cindy (52nd)! As always with these events, we got to see some old friends, we made some new friends, and a good time was had by all. It was great to see everyone compete and as always, it was awesome that so many of the Evolve crew came out to support their friends! Way to represent you guys!

4 thoughts on “Monday 110829”

  1. First WOD at Evolve!
    6 rounds + 2 snatch balances (hit 30 min time cap) Rx weight.
    Notes: All I have to say is WOW. I have never “DNF’ed” a WOD and I’ve never felt drunk/spacey after either. According to Google Earth I lived at about 500 feet elevation in California and CF Ev is at about 4200 I think? My body definitely felt it. Can’t wait to get acclimated and maybe go visit my old box and SMOKE them! Haha
    Thanks to everyone who warmly welcomed me and Ryan for pushing me through to the bitter end.
    See you tomorrow!

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