Wednesday 110713


Handstands and Handstand push-ups


As many rounds as possible in 12 mintues of:

5 push-ups w/ release

10 Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 75#/55#

15 burpees


Here's a post from Gino. First read this: Finding My Inner Strength by Juli Bauer

Above is a post from our old athlete and true friend Juli Bauer's site PaleOMG. I asked Juli if we could repost this to our site because I believe that it is very powerful and I greatly respect Juli for sharing her battle with the .com world. When Juli was with Evolve she shared with me her struggle with her self image. If you don't know Juli, you will see from the pictures on this blog that she is a very beautiful, fit, healthy, badass CrossFitter, and she is! On top of that if you spend anytime with her you will instantly know that she has a kind heart and a pure soul. Most people would even wonder why she has any problem with her self image. She is the icon for what most women want to be and are striving to become and yet Juli herself struggles to see just how awesome she is. 

This is a common battle with some female athletes and even some male athletes. We see it as coaches from time to time and it can affect your focus as to why you train. I wanted to share this with all of you to help keep your focus. We all have different reason as to why we CrossFit. Some for their jobs, for fun, or for the support and the list goes on and on. The main focus of CrossFit is to establish and maintain a functional and healthy life. Never do we perform a lift for the sole purpose of making a certain body part "look better". We perform these movements so that body part "functions better" and does so more efficiently with the rest of the body. 
The body parts can begin to look different than what we are used to seeing on people. Well, there is a good reason for that. Most people don't CrossFit! Most don't elect to put in the effort, sacrifice and commitment to make themselves stronger, powerful, faster and more functional. This is a different image than the modes that we see on TV and in the magazines. In the end it doesn't matter what you look like but your ability to perform a squat to get yourself off the ground will keep you out of a nursing home. We see this as firefighters all the time. I would bet you that the elderly patients that we run on to pick up off the floor don't care what they look like but would trade anything for that functional movement.  
Improved health through proper fueling is a secondary benefit to our training and an improved body appearance is a tertiary effect that comes from the training but mostly from proper nutrition. Juli has transformed herself, not only into a machine, but a beautiful and intricate machine ready for what ever life throws at her. 
Be proud of who you are and what you do. Anyone who judges you on your appearance is someone you do not want in your life. Let them judge you by your ability to press on. The fact that it is unacceptable to "quit". The fact that we, on some levels, embrace the pain because we know the pain will lead to improvement and take us to the next level. That we accept the fact that the better we get the harder the work becomes. Let them judge your character, you heart, your mind and your soul. These traits have value. These provide things and are useful to yourself and others. 
Be proud of who you are. Keep your focus.

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  1. I stumbled across this post while in Vegas this weekend. I sobbed while reading what Juli wrote. Her honesty really struck me to the core. Yeah to Juli for being who she is and sharing with all of us.

  2. Nice post Juli and Gene. Made me think a lot about myself, what I can do now that I have crossfitted for about a year, what I eat and what I would like to accomplish in the future.

  3. excellent post! Thank you for sharing this and encouraging us all to reflect on why it is that we crossfit! Juli, thanks for sharing your honesty – you are incredibly inspiring!!

  4. Juli is an amazing athlete and person and we are so lucky to know her. What a wonderful thing it is to say that she started at Evolve! You’ve come a LONG way Juli:) I think you look amazing and would kill to look like you, but I understand the looking in the mirror part and not being completely satisfied. But I love that you accept that what you are doing is such an incredible thing and how amazing it is that our bodies are able to do what we put them through.
    Thanks for sharing your struggles AND trusting your readers enough to be honest w/ you feelings! You’ve done your job Juli!!! You inspire and make us all better with your recipes, your dedication and just by knowing you:) I BELIEVE you will reach your goals and we’ll be watching you compete in the Games!!! Thanks again Juli and all the best to you:)

  5. “if only I had known in my 20’s what I know now”…
    Juli…you were the first female crossfit athlete I saw when I entered Evolve’s door….you are beautiful, strong and kind….
    a first impression that was spot on…
    “don’t believe everything you think”…don’t know the author.
    Thanks for sharing your heart:)

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