Wednesday 110706



3 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1


10 burpees

50 double unders

20 burpees

40 double unders

30 burpees

30 double unders

40 burpees

20 double unders

50 burpees

10 double unders

Marie pulling herself under the bar during the snatch!

As this cycle of programming starts to wrap up, there's going to be some heavy, single-rep days. We love these days! There's a great vibe in the place and everyone feeds off of it and just kills it! These are the days we live for!

When you see these heavy days, like the snatch today, we want you to go for it. We want you to keep your body in a safe position, remember the basics, hit your cues, and go bid. It can be unnerving to go for an elusive PR with some of these lifts. The finish of the snatch is to explosively pull yourself under a heavy bar and catch it in the overhead position before it falls to the ground. This is against human nature! Give any of the kids the choice of standing under a weight plate and catching it when you drop it, or running away, what are they going to do? But that's part of the deal, and it's what makes it awesome to do these lifts. So today when you load up that bar for the heavy singles, commit and get under that bar!

Along those lines, an o-lifting coach told me that most people can only keep in mind 2 or 3 cues during the split-second it takes to perform the snatch. I don't know if that's true for everyone, but I like to follow it because 2 or 3 is better than the 5 or 6 I used to try to keep in mind! So, for those of you who have been at this for a little while, share with everyone what cues you like to focus on during the snatch. You might help someone out when they hear yours! 

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 110706”

  1. Stephanie Juhnke

    Way to go Marie!
    Looked at the PR board, so full! Awesome! Now that I have access to phone/internet and a gym starting this Friday I plan on following the wods best I can. Can’t wait to get back into it! Thanks Evolve! Miss all of you!

  2. Cool Steph, it’s great to hear you’re back in touch! We’re proud of you, keep it up. We’ll see you soon!!!

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