Saturday 110723

Pool WOD!

In teams of 2,3, or 4 (depending on desired work load and comfort in the water) athletes will complete the following WOD for time:

500yd swim (20 lengths of the pool)

500 Overhead Squats, PVC

500 Power Snatches, PVC

500 Presses, PVC

Here's some of the specifics:

All athletes must complete a minimum of one 25 yd swim (1 lap).

Athletes may only complete 25 reps of each movement or ONE length of the pool before another athlete may begin.

Only 2 athletes may work at a time.

Athletes may work in any order (meaning one athlete can "sit out" the swim and just complete PVC movements as long as ONE length has been completed. If they want to complete more swimming, they can rotate in at any time).

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A little pre-pool WOD words from Kendra:

Just When You Thought It was Safe to go into the WATER….


BAM…the SWIM WOD is here…

And it’s time to get your NEMO on!

Are you ready to test your fitness in the cool, blue, refreshing waters of Paragon Pool?

Damn right you are!

We know your BODY and MIND are prepared for the mind-blowing WOD that awaits…

But…is your BAG packed?

Here is a LIST of ESSENTIAL Items to tote to the pool on Saturday:

1.) GOGGLES– not TOTALLY essential…but really, really, REALLY helpful if you want to

a.) avoid RED EYES and

b.) SEE where you are GOING!!

2.) SWIM CAP– If you are a girl (or dude)…this will be helpful to keep your locks under control (or, if you ever wanted to see what you looked like bald).

3.) GAME FACE– be ready to kick some serious booty..I’m serious, start practicing NOW!

4.) SUNSCREEN– the HIGH on Saturday is 91 degrees and 10% chance of rain….protect yourselves

5.) SOME TYPE OF SWIMWEAR– even the most beautiful specimen of humanity has a complaint about their body…too thin, too flabby, curves in the wrong place, not enough curves, too thick, too scraggily….but the BEST THINGS ABOUT EVOLVE….is that we are a FAMILY and we love and honor all ATHLETES for the HEART and DESIRE they show in the GYM and in LIFE.

What I am saying is it DOES NOT matter what you wear to the POOL or how you LOOK in it…we are PSYCHED you came out to work out with us!

**NOTE: I’m not sure you have noticed this, but when we are in the midst of a WOD, we tend to get a little ego- centric and kinda worry about if WE will LIVE…and so, chances are, NO ONE will even see what you are wearing (unless it is a cow suit).

6.) WATER WINGS, TUBES, NOODLES, HOODIE (maybe)any other “equipment” you see necessary to ROCK this thang…creativity is encouraged (duh).





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  1. Hope you guys have a blast today!
    Also, wanted to put out there if you are interested in hiking Grays and Torreys on Monday August 8th let me know. We will have to leave really early on Monday to get hiking early before all these crazy summer storms we have been having hit. Email me if you interested:

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