Monday 110718


Hollow rocks


Complete 3 rounds for time of:

12 front squats, 135#/95#

12 burpee pull-ups

Loveland Classic kids run 
The Evolve kids rocked the Loveland Classic on Saturday! Way to go kiddos!

We like you guys to be prepared. Prepared for life, and prepared for workouts. So, to make sure you're prepared, we want you to know that this weeks Saturday WOD will be at a different location. And it will be a different kind of WOD. For all of you who like to be organized, here's your checklist for Saturday:




Flip flops (sorry Garcia, you can borrow a pair of mine)


More to come….





2 thoughts on “Monday 110718”

  1. Just “speedo”? Is this a topless WOD for the ladies of Evolve? I thought you were trying to encourage participation. That’s only going to draw a huge crowd of spectators.

  2. Jill, speedo makes ladies swim suits too. They even have a top part. I can’t believe you think we would suggest such a thing.

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