Friday 110722


Perform 1 snatch on the minute for 15 minutes

Go heavy and see what you can do!

Dane kelly 
Luckily Dane and Kelly are married, or this could have been some awkward mobility work!

When chalking goes wrong!

OK gang, time for a little chalk talk. It's summer, it gets hot in the gym, hands get sweaty. We all love chalk, but just a reminder that as magical as chalk is, we can over-do it. A light coating is all that's needed. If when you go to push-ups and leave behind enough chalk that the cops could lift your finger prints, you're probably overdoing it. If when you high-five the person next to you after a PR clean and jerk and folks on the other side of the gym start coughing from the dust in the air, you may have used too much! We love chalk as much as you do, but it does leave a mess if not used carefully! Here's a couple more tips on chalk use:

Please don't stack the chalk buckets in one another. When we pull them apart, the vacuum created makes a lovely little cloud of chalk dust that promptly covers everyone and everything in white powder within a 3 foot radius. As Kendra remarked, "it looks like magic!"

It's become all the rage to place a little nugget of chalk on the rack pins by the pull-up bars so you don't have to go far to re-apply. We appreciate your efforts to save time, but these little nugs inevitably fall to the floor and are stepped on. It also leaves a nice little white pile under each of the rack uprights! We have a bunch of buckets, put one close-by and you won't have to go far!

We've seen a lot of chalk tick marks on the ground to help keep track of rounds. We do our best to keep rounds for you (as long as you yell your name out loud when you finish each round) but if you want to do it on your own, we're happy to give you a piece of paper and pen. Much easier to clean up!

Thanks for understanding! CrossFit can be dirty business but if we all do a few of these things the floor will be much nicer to lay down on and gasp after the WODs!

2 thoughts on “Friday 110722”

  1. Cindy Sue Lou Who

    Completely my bad! My girls got chalk happy and made that, so so sorry forgot to clean it up in my after WOD haze. 🙁

  2. A (non endurance/non cf) feirnd of mine did tough murder in Mammoth I think it was Ad said it was pretty lame save like a few short stretches. I was kinda geeked on hitting a Mudder before I caught that.

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