Friday 110617


Rope climbs



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

Run 400m

Max rep pull-ups

Score is total rounds completed and total number of pull-ups. Touching the ground or coming off the pull-up bar terminates the round.

Compare to 100701,

Whoever took this picture at Regionals, well done!

As promised, we're going to keep the nutrition train rolling. Yesterday was some basic info on macronutrients. Today we're going to take a break from the technical stuff. I had asked Gino to write something up on his feelings on the importance of nutrition. He's passionate about it, and he's great at talking about it in an easy to understand way. So here's Gino's take on why we need to pay attention to what we're putting in our bodies:

Lets talk nutrition! I have worked with several folks lately on their individual nutrition. Some Evolve athletes, some family and some friends. It is always exciting to sit and talk with individuals who are ready to dial in their type of "fueling". What is always interesting to me is how the motivation and goals are always different. The great thing about proper nutrition is that it will satisfy everyone's needs and goals, even though they are different. That says a lot about the numerous benefits to eating right.
Another common thing that I notice from working with people's diet is that everyone wants a quick fix. That's the American dream, right? You want to be thin? Take this pill! You want to get rich? Well I got the plan for you! Right? Well, you CrossFitters know that nothing great comes without great effort. You learn nothing from something that comes easy and you most certainly don't grow from taking the easy road.
You ask anyone who works hard at their nutrition and they will tell you that it is not easy. It gets easier, but it still requires effort. CrossFit is not easy, but we still all walk through that door everyday. We do so because the work and effort pays off. Nutrition is no different. What ever you put into it you will get equal, if not more, return for your efforts. More so than working out but a combination of both is the path to the promise land!
I can tell you countless stories of friends, family, and Evolve athletes who drastically improved their blood work results, improved their workout performance, or been taken off medications after improving their nutrition. Folks, these are recordable changes in their bodies chemistry and it is truly amazing to see! It wasn't without effort, desire, sacrifice, and commitment. When Jon and I were taught proper nutrition our instructor told us to go out and change the world with this information. That's how important he felt it was and that is how important we feel it is.
So, as we begin our posts on nutrition we want you all to do some soul searching about your goals and motivations. Nutrition can be a hard subject to approach. There are emotions and fears when we begin to talk about food, however that is good. It will be through these that we will find answers and ultimately results. Remember the 23 and 1 rule? You spend an hour out of the day going to the gym to do something good for yourself and we need to spend the other 23 hours out of the day supporting that 1 hour. If we don't, then that 1 hour is lost! Your goals in the kitchen have to, no, must, match your goals in the gym. They are one in the same. Most importantly it is vital to your overall health and longevity.
We love to talk about this so use us. We also know how difficult it is because we have the same struggles you have with nutrition, but just like a difficult WOD we will help each other get through it, improve, and grow stronger together! So, lets talk nutrition!

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  1. Well I sure do appreciate the motivation I’ve gotten from everyone. Before Evolve my idea of healthy was anything fat and calorie free. I am on day 3 of my 30 day challenge and so far so good!! Thank you Gino for your help.

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