Friday 110603


30 squat cleans, 155#/115#

With the clock running, complete 5 burpees on the minute until the 30 cleans are completed!

Kelley D. getting rocking Murph on Memorial Day. Keane was rocking the pull-ups as well, until he got some chalk in his ear!

Congratulations to Kelley D. who won the 2 tickets to the GRIT Greengrass Celebration and Fundraiser! We can't tell you how important GRIT Athletics is to us. Billy, Bernadette, their coaches and supporters are making a tremendous difference in people's lives, and we're glad the Kelley D will be able to represent Evolve and be a part of that on Saturday!


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  1. That was actually my ear phones were filled with sweat…..That corner….sucks….unless you need to shed water weight

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