Tuesday 110503


Rope climbs




Deadlifts, 225/145

Handstand push-ups

Compare your time to: 100930 and 110308.

Nathan, one of Evolve's newest, throwing down 11.6!

Many of you have had experience with Nader, our in-house physical therapist. He's the greatest, right? You are all athletes and you train as athletes, so the occasional issue comes up. Sometimes that issue is a sore shoulder, a tight trap, a creaky knee, an aching back. Those are just mine! I'm sure you all have something that bugs you too! That's what Nader is here for. If we jump on these things early and follow his advice, we stand a much better chance of fixing it versus letting it continue to grow into something bigger and bigger that finally keeps you out of the box. He's there for you guys so continue to take advantage of his expertise!

With that, there will be a change to how Nader visits us. He will still hit each WOD time 2 times per month. However, instead of bouncing around throughout the month, he will be at the box for assessments 2 days per month. On those 2 days, Nader will be available at all the WODs that day. This will be easier on his schedule and should hopefully work better for you as well!

So in May Nader will be at the box on May 9th and May 26th. Put it on your calender!

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