Monday 110516


Rope climbs

Take at least 3 assents




Today is a max effort day. Take your time, organize yourself as you set-up, keep your form perfect, and pull a ridiculous load!

Warren in a great post-WOD pose!

Hungry for more nutrition blogs? Hilarious, right? With all the information out there, it's never been easier to keep your nutrition dialed in. Well, it can still be hard sometimes, but there's plenty of resources out there to help you stay on track. In our house, the thing that really helps us is all the great recipes out there. A little pre-planning before a trip to the store includes checking our favorite websites to pick a handful of recipes (all of those sites are linked on our nutrition page on the left), a quick look to see what ingredients we need, and a few stops to our favorite stores. A monster cook-fest usually follows where we make the week's meals and we're good to go.

Well, here's another blog to add to your favorites! Our friend Juli has created PaleOMG! This is another great find tips on eating paleo as well as to grab some fantastic recipes. We give the Paleo Curry Meatballs and the Maple Mustard Chicken two thumbs up! Great blog Juli – I hope this doesn't mean you'll quit sending us recipes!

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