Friday 110513


3 rounds for time of:

Run 50m shuttle sprint

50 push-up

Run 50m shuttle sprint

50 sit-up

Run 50m shuttle sprint

50 squats

Run 50m shuttle sprint

50 supermen

Dana keeping it tight on her ring dips!

Here's one for all of you creative-types out there! The new tee-shirt design is ready to go. Only problem, we're having a tough time coming up with some motivating words to put on the back. So here's your chance to leave your mark forever! Give us your best idea. Post it to comments right here. We'll give it a couple of days and pick one. If we choose yours not only will you have the glory of motivating everyone who ever sees these shirts, which will probably be about 15 or 20 million people, you'll also get one of the new shirts for free. All you have to do is come up with something awesome! Let's see what you've got!


34 thoughts on “Friday 110513”

  1. I personally love the “stronger than yesterday” shirts we had. Every box I’ve traveled to I’ve had a lot of comments on how awesome that motto is.

  2. Or my favorite….
    Evolver : Knock knock
    Someone else : Who’s there
    Evolver : Second place
    Someone else : Second place who?
    Evolver : Exactly

  3. Size Doesn’t Matter … Time Does
    Got Callouses?
    Forging Elite Fitness
    I got a fever … and the prescription is more kettlebell.
    This is gonna suck … but in a good way.
    There’s fit … and then there’s CrossFit.
    Powered by CrossFit
    Can’t breath, Can’t move, Can’t get enough
    -Blood is replaceable. Sweat is expected. Tears are optional
    You can rest when you’re dead
    -Love Your Body, Make It Hate You
    Highly Contagious: May Cause Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, and an Increased Risk of Fitness
    -Like A Friendly Kick In The Crotch
    -Just when you thought you were fit
    -Specialize in nothing. Excel in everything
    “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and are more useful in general.”
    It doesn’t have to be fun, to be fun..
    I got those from CrossFit South County message board.
    Sorry about the plethora of quotes, but I don’t own a CrossFit t-shirt, and I’m just trying to increase my chances of winning.

  4. Since our box is called “Evolve” – “Survival of the fittest” (not that I’m preaching evolution).

  5. There are some good ones above, so far I would vote for Jill’s “survival of the fittest” but I too want the free shirt so here goes-
    Fear only one thing: your workout. Everything else pales in comparison to it. If you don’t fear the workout, it isn’t hard enough.
    Puking is acceptable. Quitting is not. If you give up here, you give up in battle. This is unacceptable.
    -Modified from The Spartan Workout Rules-courtesy of Andrew Nuttal (of the Hero WOD Nutts)
    and then there is the often stated-
    “Hero WODs- they gave it all for us, the least we can do is give everything we’ve got for them”
    or maybe-
    Crossfit Evolve-
    “Kind of like your gym…only useful”
    This is fun but I better stop now.

  6. “CrossFit Evolve: Where ________ Happens”
    “You can’t spell Evolve without the word Love”
    “Breathe And Fire”
    “Unleash fury”
    “Bring on the nasty”
    “No excuses, only progress”
    “Our better is better than your better”
    “If you aint pukin, you aint tryin”
    “CrossFit Evolve: breakin suckas off since 2010”
    “CrossFit Evolve: Making your workout look like cottage cheese”
    “A WOD a day keeps bad juju away”
    Also, when I was in high school, for football we had t-shirts that said “NGITWR”
    it meant “Nuts Grow In The Weight Room”…it was something only the football players knew the meaning of, maybe someone smarter can think of something like that for our shirt, something only Evolvers would know the meaning of.
    I will probably think of more later…

  7. Teaching men how to clean and helping women with their jerk
    My cult can beat up your cult
    I’ve got a great snatch.
    You should see me jerk!
    Go Nutts!
    You can have excuses or results, not both
    The better you get, the harder it is. (no pun intended there, it’s simply referring to the skill level and level of difficulty of CrossFit)
    Does your workout make you nervous?…It should
    The couple that jerks together, stays together!
    We jerk for time
    I’m still working on it, so this may not be the last you hear from me.

  8. Go Nutts!
    It only gets harder as you get better.
    Because I can.
    Does your workout make you nervous?…It should.

  9. I am cracking up after reading Jill’s suggestions 🙂
    What about simply “Firebreather”
    I really like Stronger Than Yesterday as well.

  10. Here are a couple I found on CF’s web page.
    “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”
    “If you are going through hell, keep going.”- Sir Winston Churchill
    “What you give today you have. What you don’t give today you’ve lost forever”
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”
    – Aristotle
    “On the day of victory, no one is tired.”
    Yoda: “…Do or do not. There is no ‘try’.”
    “The best activities for your health are pumping and humping.” Alexis made me put this one on.
    “Fall down seven times, stand up eight” – Japanese proverb
    “Nothing tastes as good as fit feels”
    trying is the first step to failure. homer simpson

  11. Ryan Kirkpatrick

    An hour of Pain for a lifetime of Glory.
    It’s not Hard if you’re not Bleeding.
    Wounds Heel but Glory Lasts Forever.
    Cloudy With a Chance of Pain.
    I sleep, eat and drink RX.
    Pain Is My Fuel.
    The WOD brings Blood, Sweat and Courage.

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