Tuesday 110405



If you don't have them, we'll work on them. If you kind of have them, 5 sets of 10. If you really have them, 5 sets of max reps!


Complete 4 rounds for time of:

10 Ground to overhead, 95#/65#

100m shuttle sprints (to the north end of the parking lot and back)

Garry wore the perfect shirt to the WOD Monday! See below:

You ever have a day that has a theme to it? It just kind of shakes out that way with no planning on your part, but at the end of the day, it's clear? The hope is that the theme of the day is something good, rather than the theme being something bad like hurting yourself a bunch of times, crabby kids all day, breaking things, whatever. Well I had the best theme day ever. Bacon! That's right, bacon!

Like many of you, we prepare a bunch of meals for the week on Saturday or Sunday, depending on our schedule. This Sunday we cooked a bunch of delicious meals, but ran out of time for one of the best ones – Kendra's bacon meatloaf. No problem, I would make it Monday between the AM and PM WODs.

So I pulled all the ingredients out of the fridge including the bacon, and I was excited because bacon is awesome. I dialed up Kendra's blog: I Mean Business for the meatloaf recipe and was greated by the post "Peace, Love, and BACON"! Nice! This post is a must read. Do you love bacon? Of course you do. Do you still hesitate, even a little bit, because everyone in the world says bacon is bad and will cause a heart attack and make you fat? I know I do. Well, worry no more! This post validates all of our feelings about the greatness of bacon. The only bad part was this statement:

**I should also mention the author wants me to remind you to eat BACON in moderation**
I understand it, I just don't like it.
So I read the post, then made the meatloaf and the house smelled like bacon all afternoon. Delicious! I leave my bacon-smelling house for the PM WODs and as I'm talking to a few folks about the bacon day, Garry walks in with that shirt on. Perfect! I'm a big fan of bacon themed days!


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  1. Excuse me….you must be on a Bacon High….HOW many G2OH?? Just til we get tired??? Failure??? Til the coach says??? Thanks….

  2. Charlotte Franklin

    Bacon is definitely a main-stay in our diet, so delicious. Plus Fat is excellent to help with brain function:) I try and eat it before a test because: Bacon its brain food:)

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