Thursday 110407


Squat clean and jerk


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 toes to bar

10 Front squat, 135#/95#

The 6 AMers tackle the Filthy Fifty!

The Filthy Fifty was a popular WOD on Wednesday, leaving the afternoon WODs well packed. Unfortunately, we did have some athletes who came without signing up who were unable to get in because the workouts were at capacity. We also had several no-shows in the morning who didn't cancel. We've also noticed that the no-shows have been on the rise lately.

It's really important that you guys sign up for the WODs and if you're not going to make it, to please take your name off of the list. MindBody is a really useful tool. For athletes, a quick glance lets you know if the WOD is full or not. If not, you can sign in. If it is full, you can hit another time. But you can see how it could cause problems if a WOD shows full and folks don't show up while other athletes took the time to rearrange their schedule to get their WOD in at another time. It's uselful for us too because it allows us to track what workouts are full, which aren't, and allows us to plan for the future.

We know this is different than how other gyms operate, but that's why you come, right? Cause we're not like other gyms! We do and will continue to do everything we can to accommodate you, but to give us the best shot at doing that for you, please help us out with this. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 110407”

  1. It was really incredible watching the TWELEVE people we had in the 5:30 doing the Filthy Fifty. Days like yesterday is why I love this box, and CF so much!

  2. No doubt. When Katie told me about how packed it was, I was sad to have missed it. The best part about it is the Filthy Fifty is HARD but tons of folks showed up because they wanted to give it their best shot. You guys are awesome!

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