Monday 110418



5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1


Complete 10 rounds for time of:

5 chest slapping push-ups

10 thrusters, 95#/65#

20 double unders

The first ladies heat of Open WOD 11.4.

Episode 219/365: Athletes Don’t Wear Flip-Flops

Hey MWod Beasts,

Ok. Let’s get into it.  Self respecting Athletes don’t wear flip-flops.   I know where you live it’s ‘Hot’. I know you like to look ‘cute’.  But you are destroying your feet mechanics and setting up serious problem for your heel cords and calf.  Best defense, no be there.  You know I’m right.  Take the flip-flop/slipper challenge.  See if you can walk/run in your flips without clinching your big toe.

It is my life’s mission to get you guys to stop destroying your feel and ankles.  Think about the worst thing you could do to your heel cords and feet, now think a little worse.  That’s what flip flops are.


The video above was posted on our Facebook page last week and boy did it generate some healthy discussion! In fact, after viewing it, Josh rolled into the 6am sporting his favorite well broken in flip-flops and a million dollar smile. I hated to tell him that that I wasn't the one who posted it, but that we clearly have at least one coach who has a grudge against showing off our beautiful feet!

The great thing about CrossFit in general, and Evolve in particular, is that there is plenty of room for differing opinions regarding the fun things. For the serious business we're all in agreement: range of motion, technique, safety, the importance of treating other people well, the awesomeness of o-lifting and really heavy deadlifts, the hate of the thruster and recently the bar-facing burpee – you know, the important things. But for the fun things, there's a little wiggle room. Now please don't think that I would ever counter what KStar says. From the number of bands slung low on the cages, the lax and tee balls in the buckets, and constant love affairs with foam rollers, we all bow down to his mobility teachings! But sometimes, you just have to go against doctors orders. Ever "forget" to floss? Exactly. So, with a little bit of shame in my heart, I submit to you a photo of how I recovered from WOD 11.4. Wrecked feet and ankles be damned, it just felt right at the time!


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