Tuesday 110315


Bench Press

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5


Complete 5 rounds for time of:

150m shuttle sprint (north end of parking lot)

10 front squats, 135/95


Today at 5 PM Pacific time (that will be 6 PM our time) the first WOD of the CrossFit Open will be announced. First, I passed on some incorrect information I was given: you can register for the Open anytime during the 6 weeks. However, if you have any aspirations to move on in competition, either as an individual or as part of the team, go ahead and register before our WOD this Saturday. There's no reason to wait, so go ahead and do it now!

As we have mentioned, we're looking for some of our athletes who are not competing to help judge. Those who are competing will be asked to help judge at least one heat as well. If you're interested in judging on Saturdays, please email me: jon@www.test.crossfit-evolve.com. As we've said, we will provide everything you need to do a good job, so don't worry! Here is a video and a write-up from HQ about judging for the Open:

Adrian Bozman offers several guidelines for effective judging. Boz has been the head judge at the CrossFit Games for the last few years. This is the same basic speech that he gives to all the judges at the Games each year.

Adrian's first piece of advice is to watch the workout explanation videos that we will post each week with each workout announcement. These will go over the movement standards for each workout in detail. It is necessary for both judges and athletes to watch these carefully in order to understand precisely what is expected.

Boz also reminds judges to be impartial in determining whether each rep meets the standard or not. They should avoid being cheerleaders for the athletes that they are judging, in spite of their natural support for an athlete's success.

Judges should also give their athletes clear and concise commands. They should make sure to acknowledge or discount every rep of the workout so that the athlete knows exactly where they are. The judge should count each rep out loud. Once a judge has made a decision on a repetition, they should stick to that decision.

Effective judging requires that the judge stay focused on the athlete. They should not let anything distract them from their job as a judge.

Adrian also recomends that Open athletes accept their judges' rulings. Arguing with the judge will waste valuable time that they could spend completing more repetitions.

Affiliate owners who plan on hosting Open events should make sure to brief the crowd, athletes, and judges before the start of the workout. The crowd should know not to interfere with the competition. They must avoid heckling or questioning judges' decisions. The box owner should also ensure that all of the athletes and judges are fully aware of the movement standards for that workout.

Good luck to all athletes and judges participating in the first Open workout this week!

Below is the link for the video:

Guidelines for being a judge at the CrossFit Open

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