Monday 110314


Kettlebell Snatch

3 x 8 each arm


Tabata Something Else

You'll complete 8 Tabata rounds (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest) of each of the following:





There is no rest between exercises so be sure to be quick on your transitions! Score is total reps completed.

30-inch box jumps during a WOD!

There will only be one skill session this week on Wednesday at 6:30 PM. By then you'll know what that week's Open WOD will be for Saturday. You guys can take that time to work on any movements that you might want to practice, or you can take that opportunity to work on your mobility. Or, you may skip it, go home, and go to bed early!

Also, let's hear it for the CrossFit Evolve softball team who had their first practice tonight. Way to take your elite fitness to the field. Represent well you guys, don't make the same mistakes this guy did:



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  1. Practice was great! Thanks to all that were able to make it. Our first game will be 3/27 6:15 at Rolland Moore Park. Come cheer us on 🙂

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