Monday 110307


Snatch work:

Bergener WU

3 Position Snatch (high hang, hang, floor)

Keep the weight LIGHT on this, and hit your cues!


Today we run!

1:00 run, 1:00 rest

1:00 run, :50 rest

1:00 run, :40 rest

1:00 run, :30 rest

1:00 run, :20 rest

1:00 run, :10 rest

1:00 run. :20 rest

1:00 run, :30 rest

1:00 run, :40 rest

1:00 run, :50 rest

1:00 run

The weather may be sketchy tomorrow. We will plan on being outside for this WOD. If the weather is no good, we'll hit it shuttle-sprint style inside. Either way, bring the shoes you like to run in!

Ceci taking us to school on going overhead!

The 2011 CrossFit Games website will go live today and you'll then be able to register. We will register the Evolve team Monday morning. If you choose to register first thing in the morning, we may not be on the team list yet. No worries, this is from the Games site:

All athletes who wish to compete on a team must first register as individual competitors. Once you are registered for the Open, you will be able to search for registered teams. If you find your team on the site, you will see a Join this Team button on their profile page. Click this button to send your request to the team captain. When he or she accepts, you'll be listed on the team.

We need you guys to join as a member of the Evolve team so your score contributes to the overall team score each week so be sure to do that either when you register or shortly after that. If you have any questions, let us know! Who's excited?!

 **The skill sessions this week will be Monday and Wednesday!

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