Friday 110325


Jump rope push-ups (see below)


Complete 10 rounds for time of:

15 overhead squats, 95#/65#

100 foot bear crawl

Group 1 
Lots of love for tons of clean and jerks on Wednesday! 

If you're wondering what a jump rope push-up is, check it out. Let's see who's got game. Extra points for clapping push-ups!


4 thoughts on “Friday 110325”

  1. Anthony, I will post the info tongiht but at 9am folks will warm-up and the athletes who are not in the open will do their WOD. After that we’ll do the men’s heats, followed by the ladies.

  2. So talking with Gino today, the jump rope push-ups he had in mind are very different than what I put on the site.
    To the 6am crew, you will be the only ones who did them as in the video. I say you’re lucky! We will show you the other way to do ’em next week.

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