Friday 110318


Clean and Jerk: Burgener WU, Skill Transfer, 3 position clean and jerk


12 rounds of:

Run 30 seconds, rest 20 seconds

Give it your all during those 30 seconds knowing that you've got 20 seconds of rest coming up!


This was from Rachel who thought it was appropriate for what's coming up Saturday:

An interesting bit from Psychology Today on having the right mindset for an athlete:

"Failure is always a possibility.  But what separates world-class performers from the rest of us is the ability to put negative experiences behind them. 'Once you can see yourself doing something — once you can experience it and feels what it's like — it changes you,' explains Ginsburg (author of Whose Game Is It, Anyway?).  'The best performers are good at forgiving themselves, dropping failure from their mental bandwidth quickly so that they can focus on the positive.'  If you can do that, you may strike out many times, but you'll always be the person who hit that grand slam — which in turn will breed further success."

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