Wednesday 110105


Double under review and practice


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 push press, 95#/65#

15 knees to elbows

20 double unders

A few of the 9am ladies doing synchronized ring dips!

There's been a lot of questions and conversation about the Sectionals for the CrossFit Games. What has been announced can be found here:

2011 CrossFit Games Update

There's a lot of information still to come out regarding Sectionals and how they will look. Some folks in the CF community are pretty upset because they won't look the same as they did last year. Our take is let's reserve judgement until we know exactly how they'll go down. For those of you who are planning to compete, it looks like they will begin sometime in March. Keep doing what you're doing, spend a little time on some weaknesses if you need to, and you'll be ready.

It's no secret that we would love to field an affiliate team this year. As can be read in the post, affiliate teams must be made up of athletes who have made it through the Sectionals process. With that said, if you thought you might like to throw down as part of a team, plan on competing as an individual in the Sectionals. We'll let you guys know the second we find out any new info.

For some active dialog since the comments have been few and far between lateley, post to comments if you plan on competing and what your thoughts are on the limited info about the new Sectionals set-up!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 110105”

  1. I want to compete, but I don’t know if I can do what is required to even hang. If I was one year older, I would be in the master’s catagory (darn it). If it was body weight WODs, I’d have it nailed (‘cept d*mn double unders). Would love to do a team, just don’t know if I’d make it out alive from Sectionals. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  2. I’m definatley planning on competing. A little disappointing that HQ has not given more info at this point, but its unknown and unknowable, right? For all the other athletes out there who are considering competing but are not sure, I would give them this advice,, Do it!! It doesnt matter where you end up or if you think you can hang,, just the environment of the competition will push you to do something you never dreamed you could do and make you that much greater! You wont regret it!

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