Tuesday 110201


Front Squat

5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

Nader will be at the 9 AM and 10 AM WODs for PT Assessments!


Death by Kettlebell

1 KB swing the first minute

2 KB swings the second

3 KB swings the third….and so on.

The weight used will be 55#/35# and there will be a 30 minute cap on the WOD.

Wendy putting her dope socks to good use!

Dustin is in Minnesota and started the Arrowhead 135 ultra marathon yesterday morning at 7am. This is an unsupported race with only 2 check points. The forecast at International Falls MN was a low of -19 and a high of 4. Send him your warm thoughts and you can track his progress at Arrowhead Ultra Results under 2011 race results. His bib number is 89.

He left the first checkpoint, Gateway, which is 35.45 miles in at 7:10 PM last night. His next checkpoint (Checkpoin 2, Melgeorges) is 70 miles in! We'll keep you updated through comments.

Go DHampton!!!!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday 110201”

  1. Great Job Dustin, what a battle you are going through, but if anyone can do it, I know you can! We are thinking of you, Megan and the kids this week.
    Can’t wait to hear about your experience as a “Mountain Man”.

  2. This is from Gino:
    Just got off the phone with Dustin. He is safe and on his way home. He was having difficulty keeping his core temp up and had to drop from the race at about 1 am this morning. He went for over 18 hours and over 50 miles. Even though the course was patrolled he said that you could go for hours and hours without seeing anyone. He made a wrong turn at one point and didn’t realize it until he heard a snowmobile and realized that he was off the course. At this point it was a question as to if he would even have the ability, due to the cold, to set up a shelter and a bag to survive if he got lost. He thanks everyone for their support. What an amazing effort!

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