Tuesday 110125


Back Squat

3 – 3 – 3

Max reps @ 50% your 3RM 

Attempt to increase weight each set. Set 4 will then be max reps at 50% of your 3 rep max. Regardless of if today was your PR day or not, you'll base the set from whatever your 3RM is!


5 rounds for time of:

10 power snatch, 75#/55#

20 sit-ups

Wilson goes overhead!

A note from Garcia on the new programming cycle that has started:

Great job on the workout yesterday! I was a personal witness to several personal battles being fought and over come through out the day. The filthy fifty was the first workout of my 6 week programming for a few reasons.  The most simple of reasons is simply because we have not done it in a while, and a more complex reason is because it could offer the jump start some athletes might need to reach the next level. Throughout my programming keep an eye out for old and new girl and hero WODs that may have fallen by the wayside in the past few months.

I tried my best to structure my programming around exercises and movements that I know will personally eat me alive. When I was younger some of the best advice I received was to find something you or others are afraid to do, and master it.  Expect to see new skills, old tough skills, and emphasis on your own personal weaknesses as well.

I chose to revert back to the style of programming we used in the earlier months at Evolve. Some days have long, grinder style workouts, and other days have a unique repetition strength session as a prelude to a short, more endurance based workout.

We will start playing with percentages in our Olympic lifting days, and also experiment with different rep schemes to enhance not only power and endurance, but over all strength to enhance the work capacity in workouts that are structured around a heavy lift.  I encourage you to challenge yourself on the strength days. Be sure and track your progress as the weeks go by, the loads get heavier, percentages get higher, and work output demands become greater.

I have complete confidence that as usual you will all do great things!

I am pleased with opportunity from Jon and Gene to create this program, and as always I am open to feedback of all sorts.

The pleasure is mine to be able to work with amazing athletes and people on a daily basis.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday 110125”

  1. I am looking forward to the next cycle as well. I have personal milestones I want to hit and am excited for new challenges. Thanks Evolve.

  2. Yeah, thanks a lot Mike, I had to do it by myself. Stupid water line breaks….. Its just water. It is the source of life, it occurs naturally, some people even pray for it. It could have waited a few minutes for the Filthy 50. My 3:30 workout partner, I don’t even know you anymore.

  3. I’m excited for Ryan’s programming. I missed the filthy fifty-been sick. I should say though I’ve been challenged every time I walk into Evolve so finding my personal weakness won’t be difficult.

  4. Wait a sec…you went and played hockey after doing the filthy fifty? You are crazy….I was a bit sluggish on the ice after the wod as well…only the ice I am referring to is the ice in front of Evolve on the walk to my car.

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