Tuesday 110104



1 – 1 – 1

Clean and Jerk

1 – 1 – 1

Warm-up to your starting weight, at which time you'll have 3 attempts for a good lift. You may add weight to the bar if your previous lift was successful. As we've been working on, each lift must be precise. No power cleans, power snatches, or press outs. This will be your heaviest load with an eye towards perfection. Your coaches will be watching like hawks, so make the lifts legit! Today is where all the work you've done over the past 6 weeks pays off!

The December PR board!

Today the o-lift focus during this programming cycle comes to an end. We couldn't be happier about how this whole thing turned out. We were unsure how it would be recieved, and with only a couple of exceptions, you guys took to it right away and really seemed to enjoy it. We've seen an amazing amount of progress towards the o-lifts, and we're really proud of all of you for how far you've come.

As we discussed, the work is not over. After today we will have a legitimate weight off of which to base percentages as part of upcoming strength cycles. The work on these lifts will continue as part of strength days, skill days, and of course WODs. There are always opportunities to fine-tune the o-lifts and become more efficient with the movements, and you'll continue to get that fine tuning from your coaches.

You all have come a long way over the past weeks. Keep it going!

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