Saturday 110122

Today's WOD will be at the CSU Track! Details will be provided there. Yes, there will be some running. Yes, there will be some CrossFit movements. Yes, it will be fun. No, you shouldn't bail!

Sit-ups galore!

On Thursday one of our athletes walked in to a nearly empty gym at 9 am. She was at work overnight and didn't get a chance to check out the WOD on the website before she came in. She looked around and the first thing she said? "Today must be a running WOD." Yes my friends, it's true. If there is running, attendance drops in a big way. We have early cancels, late cancels, and no-shows. If your coaches were more sensitive, we might develop a complex on days like that! However, we've come to expect it. If there is running, many folks will bail.

So here's your tough love – this is no good. In the nice weather, we run quite a bit. It's good for you, it hits some of the 10 general physical skills we want you to be good at, and it makes you fitter. In the winter, we scale the running back a bit. One reason is because of safety – it can be sketchy to run when there's ice out there. Another is reality. Last week when it was a high of 5 degrees, it didn't make much sense to have you run outside. We still program WODs that contain the occasional 400, but we sometimes have to make changes on the fly depending on weather. This makes it even more important that you guys come when there's some running.

I'll never forget when we first opened there was a WOD with 400s and it was snowing hard. Like 8 inches were on the ground. We were new to this whole thing, so we asked the athletes who were there: do you want to run or should we come up with something else today? There was a resounding "hell yeah, we want to run" and this small group of die hards threw it down, snow and all. Training for the unknown and unknowable. You never know when you might have to run from the cops when there's snow on the ground! (just kidding Carl and Jeff!).

So, come out today and get a little run on. Yeah, it's hard. But what do you do in the box that isn't hard?! See you out there!

5 thoughts on “Saturday 110122”

  1. Guys, I totally understand how much running can stink in the winter. Most days it just isn’t fun. It is easy for me to talk myself out of running in the cold, but I know if I can get out the door, the hard work will be worth it when the summer comes and it is swimsuit season. Hope you all had an awesome workout today and the weather wasn’t too treacherous.

  2. It was nice being outside today, getting some fresh air and maybe a little vitamin D…even if it was cold and windy 🙂

  3. Neil…you don’t need to worry about getting ready for swimwuit season!!! But now that you mention it I need to get my a** running! 🙂

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