Friday 110114


Rope climbs


21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9

Back Squat, 135#/95#

Kettlebell swings, 55#/35#

Box Jumps, 24"/18#

Dustin's home made sled he'll pull during the Arrowhead 135.

Besides what they get done when they're in the gym, the Evolve Athletes also have a lot going on outside of the box. On Janurary 31st Dustin Hampton will be particpating in the Arrowhead 135. What's that you might ask? It's a 135-mile race through northern Minnesota. If that sounds cold, you would be right. From the website:

The typical winter weather in this part of Minnesota is frigid with subzero temperatures, even dipping to (minus) -60 degrees Fahrenheit; however, be ready for anything as an early thaw is always possible.

Talk about the unknown and unknowable! In addition, this race in unsupported. Anything Dustin thinks he might need, he has to carry with him for the entire race, hence the sled above! Just like he did for his 200 mile run to Steamboat, Dustin has used CrossFit as part of his training to prepare for what's to come. When you see him, wish him the best and be sure to send warm thoughts his way at the end of January. Good luck D-Hampton!


9 thoughts on “Friday 110114”

  1. “An early thaw is always possible”:) YIKEs!!!
    Dustin you are crazy and we love you for that! Have a “FUN” time and enjoy your 135 miles. We’ll be thinking of you! You’ve run 200 miles, what’s 135? Piece of cake:)
    Safe travels D!

  2. Sharla and I had fun looking up the race details and pictures on the race website the other night. It was only fun for us because we were looking at the pictures of icicle-encrusted mustaches and endless snow from the warmth of Shar’s kitchen. To echo Sharla’s sentiments, you definitely have something “special” going on in that head of yours to want to do that race, but that’s part of what makes you great!
    Good luck! We’ll be rooting for you from afar!

  3. Hey guys, is anyone interested in forming a team for the Tough Mudder race??? Details at Post and let me know!

  4. Jill, it’s funny that you mention mustaches. Dustin’s is coming in rather nicely!
    Jenn, I had been stalking that race for some time. If you are in, I am in.

  5. Jenn…….yes I plan on attending the Tough Mudder! I was going to set up a team acct before Jan 25 to get the early discount.

  6. Talking about inspiration how about Dustin. Holy crap, DH if you can pull this off nothing is impossible. Great work and good luck bro.

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