Tuesday 101214


Snatch Progression

Today we'll review all the good stuff we've been working on, spend some time on the turnover, and add a little bit of weight. Sounds fun, doesn't it?!

Who loves the burpees?

Don't forget to remember, Thursday is the 1st Annual Evolve Holiday Party at Mulligan's Pub. It will start around 5pm and go until whenever you decide to go home. There won't be a 5:30 WOD that day so plan accordingly! We'll play some pool, drink some adult beverages, and have some fun that doesn't involve sweat, chalk, or tears. We'll provide some apps, dinner and drinks is on your own. As always, kids are welcome – ours will be there. Come out and have some fun, we hope to see everyone there!

13 thoughts on “Tuesday 101214”

  1. Um, this is kind of a bummer. Pretty much any and every WOD i could make it to is booked. What just happened? Not that I don’t welcome new people, but we need like a 7 am or a noon or a 630. . .

  2. Alternatively, can’t we find more athletes to join who either don’t work or have night jobs, so they can go to the 9 and 10 ams?

  3. Like Jon stated in a previous post we can fit as many as possible in any of the classes on Tues and Fri for the next six weeks during the skill portion of Jon’s programing. These days are important so sign up and come in.
    The full classes are a concern to us as well and we watch this closely. Sign up for classes early and send us an e-mail if you were not able to get into a class you needed to.

  4. Rachel – try signing up for the classes at least a week in advance. That helps me. I usually schedule a week or two at a time and if my schedule changes I cancel it as soon as I know so others can get in. Hope that helps. The guys are doing their best to work with everyone’s changing schedules.

  5. I schedule a month ahead…and it helps that I am self employed. This way my Crossfit time is a priority…I work my schedule around Crossfit and not CrossFit around my schedule. I realize that is not possible for most…but scheduling ahead guarantees a spot…

  6. Jo Anne…I’m going to give you my supervisor’s number and maybe you can convince him to let me schedule around crossfit too!

  7. I schedule a month out too! That way I get into the classes that work best! Also, remember this is not their full time job & they really are doing their best to make sure everyone is getting in when they want and can!
    Rachel, have you tried the Saturday wod’s? They allow more people in those and they are super fun, team workouts!!
    JoAnne, I like that you schedule around Crossfit, you are awesome!

  8. Or, since I have no life and hobbies outside of crossfit, feel free to let me know when you want to, or are able to work out, and I will come in early or stay late and help you through the WOD.
    That offer is open to anyone

  9. Most of the time I’m waitlisted, and someone does drop out. I think it’s just tough because I don’t know until maybe the last minute that I’ll get to go. . .Probably because everyone else knows to plan in advance, and just drop it later as required. Maybe I should just get on that bandwagon. . .I just feel weird preemptively taking up a spot that someone else might need because I think I’ll want it. I probably just need to learn how to use this sign-up thing to my advantage ;-/
    And Shar – I can’t hit the Saturday ones, wish I could tho!
    Ryan – thanks. seriously.

  10. I too just plan around Crossfit (part of why I like 6am, no scheduling conflicts). If I sign up for a class, then I commit to myself that I am going.

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